Our Chicken

Double Dredging – Secret Sauces

The unique Mother Clucker flour, herb and spice blend is so good that we dredge every piece of chicken through it twice to give extra flavour and a nice even coating.

We dredge and dip with buttermilk to keep our tea brined chicken breasts juicy and succulent, so you’ll be thinking. Cluck me. This chicken tastes good.

The brine keeps the chicken juicy and flavourful and the double dredge is for maximum crunch.

Nothing goes better with our chicken than one of our secret sauces….! Whether you fancy our zesty lime mayo that adds a bit of citrus or our unique OG pepper sauce to add a bit of a kick - our sauces work great together and can stand on their own. So, get some napkins ready…you are about to get messy.